IWOSC Book Marketing Intensive

securedownloadLast year, IWOSC offered an intensive, all-day seminar on the foundations of marketing your writing, organizing yourself for success, putting together a realistic marketing plan, treating a platform that engages your audience and sells books.

This year, we want to dig deeper and focus on some actual book marketing case studies. Why has book marketing radically changed in just the past year? What book marketing opportunities exist in 2017? How are writers actually doing publicity campaigns today? What are people doing with Amazon, email, social media and their own websites to get greater exposure and sell even more books?

Presenting all new material, our three experts will walk you through case studies of what traditionally and self-published writers are doing TODAY. Whether this is your first time, or you are building upon what you learned last year, this is your chance to learn what works in the hectic and every changing world of disappearing bookstores, Amazon ascendancy and today’s abundant and inexpensive marketing opportunities.

We will take breaks, time for lunch, and provide plenty of time for your questions. The content is all new, real-world/not theory, and the day has been priced at a fraction of its value with a big Early Bird discount and also an IWOSC member discount.

We know that you will be impressed, enlightened, and, more to the point, equipped with new ideas, new tools, and the counsel of three top people.

Saturday, July 15
10:00 a.m.  – 4:00 p.m.

Vets Memorial building

4117 Overland Ave.

There will be breaks for stretching, snacks and lunch.
(We’re providing some snacks; bring your own lunch.)

Due to the depth of this program, we must have your payment in advance.
To register and pay (online or by check) follow this link:


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