What Else Can We Recycle? New Tennis Ball Recycling Bins Installed at all Culver City Parks Tennis Courts

image001On December 26, 2016, Erik Mar, a Culver City resident and avid tennis player, sent a letter to Daniel Hernandez, Parks Recreation and Community Service Director, recommending that the City install tennis ball recycling bins at all tennis courts citywide. Coincidentally, the Public Works Department’s Environmental Programs & Operations Division discussed implementing tennis ball recycling with the Parks and Recreation Division a few weeks before the City received his email.

All tennis balls that have lost their bounce and would ordinarily get thrown away can now be placed in the Tennis Ball Recycling Bins located at all Culver City Parks Tennis Courts. These recycling containers make it convenient for tennis players to dispose of tennis balls while at the same time diverting them from the landfill. Parks and Recreation staff will empty the bins and collect the balls for reuse. Project Green Ball or reBounces recycles the tennis balls, which are ground up and re-purposed into shock pads for cushioned tennis courts.

For more information on this and other innovative recycling programs, contact Culver City’s Public Works Department Environmental Programs and Operations Division at 310-253-6400.

Pictured:Right to left, Erik Mar, his son Adriel Mar, and Jensen Reed

Catherine Vargas 

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