Green5 Awards go to Recycling Contest Winners

bigstock_Recycle_4603459The CCUSD Environmental Sustainability Committee has announced the winners of its Recycling Competition:

* La Ballona will receive $500 and first prize Green5 Certificate

* Lin Howe, El Rincon, El Marino and Farragut elementary schools will each will be recognized for particular aspects of their efforts via a Green5 certificate

* Culver City Middle School and Culver City High School will split the $500 award and will be recognized with certificates for their student and staff leadership efforts

* Culver Park High School will be recognized for its support of Farragut

* Office of Child Development will receive $250 for its remarkable efforts, including participation and reduction of landfill waste.

Awards will be presented to each school in the coming days! Way to go, and thank you to all the schools’ students, parents, teachers and staff for making sustainability a priority!

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