Dear Editor – Wyant Walks the Talk @ Workplan Meetings

lightbulbI’m sorry if you missed [last] week’s Culver City Budget Workplan meetings.

Why did I attend all 10 hours? Because I want to continue to be the only new candidate who’s ready to hit the ground running — and because the presentations were fascinating. I got to hear, again, about all the cool things our City staff and departments are already doing for us. A project to clean up storm water in partnership with Costco, at no cost to us taxpayers? Check. “Last mile” transportation from the Metro station to the rest of Culver City? Check. Affordable housing? A Habitat for Humanity Project approved by the Planning Commission on Wed? Got it.  Environmental Impact Report for the oil fields? A plan to update the General Plan? Check and Check. If you’re interested, you can find the detailed agenda here:

AND you can subscribe to our City Manager’s incredibly informative weekly email here:

You never need to be one of the people who says, “I didn’t know what was going on!”

If you elect me to your City Council, I will continue to work hard to keep you in the loop, and to help you find out where to go for information or help.

Scott Wyant

The Actors' Gang

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