Dear Editor – Thanks to Officer Fleeger

Light-bulb-0003-300x198I am writing this note to thank Officer Corolla Fleeger for her amazing work. With her incredible dedication and initiative, this week she reunited an elderly, injured dog with its family. She is Culver City’s Animal Service Officer, and I wanted to share this story and also to let our Culver City residents know that we have this wonderful resource.

Yesterday morning, my son Sam spotted a confused looking dog wandering in our neighborhood. The dog looked hungry and injured. I tried to approach, but the dog was skittish and kept wandering into the street. Others stopped to help and offer food, but we had no luck luring the dog to us.

I did not know who to call. Fortunately, I remembered Kim King had been an incredible resource when I had found another lost dog many years ago, so I sent her a note. She forwarded the note to Deborah Weinrauch (founder of Friends of Culver City Animals (FCCA)), who contacted Officer Fleeger.

Once Officer Fleeger got involved, the story resolved quickly and happily. She was able to capture the dog and take the dog to the spcaLA while she located the family. I have no idea how she worked this miracle, since the dog did not have a tag or microchip. But I can only imagine how happy they are to be reunited.

Thanks Officer Fleeger for caring so much, and for going above and beyond to care for the animals of Culver City.

Lauren Gerstmann

The Actors' Gang

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