Looking Up by Bob Eklund

Looking Up – Bob Eklund

The European Space Agency’s Venus Express has ended its eight-year mission after far exceeding its planned life. The spacecraft exhausted its propellant during a series of thruster burns to raise its orbit following the low-altitude

Feng Shui from A to Z by Janet Mitsui Brown

Feng Shui – Janet Mitsui Brown

The Winter Solstice December 21 — It’s the winter solstice here in Los Angeles, the moment in time when the northern hemisphere is at its furthest distance from the sun. And as I did my

The Skinny by Amy Brunell

The Skinny – Amy Brunell

Holiday Adjustments — I love the idea of the holidays more than the actual holidays. At this time of year, I have earnestly tried to be in the moment and simply enjoy what comes. When