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SolsticeSunThe Winter Solstice December 21 —

It’s the winter solstice here in Los Angeles, the moment in time when the northern hemisphere is at its furthest distance from the sun. And as I did my seasonal shopping I noticed it was chillier and night arrived earlier than usual – of course, the sun is just too far away today.

But, from tomorrow the days will get longer and progressively warmer until June 21, the summer solstice. So as you can see, the yin of the winter will change progressively to the yang once again, as the sun travels slowly closer to the northern hemisphere.

The winter solstice has been a turning point in several cultures, and to me it is the point of departure from yin to yang, and a symbol of the environment’s natural balance system. And this balance also pertains to mankind – that is, that when life appears at its lowest (yin) there is always a turning point. The late Professor Lin Yun (aka His Holiness Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun), the head of Black Sect Esoteric Buddhism Feng Shui, professed this guidance in his teaching, also articulating that man/woman need to practice patience, and continued mindful practice, for the change to take place.

It’s important to take note of this constant change. We have our seasons of yin and yang; it’s simply the cycle of nature. While we would love to have spring and summer all the time, we need fall and winter to let the transitions occur, so spring and summer can flourish. There can be no spring and summer without fall and winter.

Thus, when fall and winter are in your life, take care of yourself, exercise patience, and use the time to let the changes occur…for inevitably spring will arrive.

On March 21 the hours of day and night are nearly equal and it is the equinox.

Look for it in your path, and you will know that spring has arrived.

In the meantime, enjoy this yin of winter, the holiday celebration, and the coming of the 2015, the first transition of change. The bears hibernate and sleep; this might be a time for all of us to rest and meditate.

In gratitude, Janet Mitsui Brown, www.thejoyoffengshui.com

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