La Ballona To Launch Reading Club – Claudia Benitez

gaYoIYCKlG8qZzQpyCGX2qINrxh04SXFjLCJdEI-l1hDNESlMoVB8RVSYyuq2jpuoaRYsf3gGrKN6VtvIHIV5B2kLCg7NTDds1CC3SSX-Z86_B-K_u7A3o2Kb3zBZsdVtf7zXg=s0-d-e1-ftAfter a year of preparation and joint collaboration with Margot Reyes and Lorena Lopez at La Ballona; generous El Marino Parent Coordinators, Adriana Poblano and Eugenia Sanchez; and the indefatigable Booster and PTA leadership, Joy Kecken, Catalina Pop and Heather Moses, La Ballona Elementary School is thrilled to launch its first parent-run Reading Club/Club Lectura group for English Learner students this fall!
Reading Club/Club Lectura is a before school volunteer opportunity for parents, as well as mini-reading workshop for students who may benefit from additional literacy practice in smaller group settings. The program was developed with English learners in mind; however, it is open to any student who may have a literacy need.
The goals of the program are to build comprehension and critical thinking skills, develop vocabulary and promote literacy in English and/or Spanish. Students are grouped by grade level and meet once a week to read, discuss and/or write about a piece of text or literature.
There is great enthusiasm for the blossoming Reading Club/Club Lectura program at La Ballona Elementary as enrollment has grown to 70 students this first semester. Our hope is that the collaborative work amongst parent groups and schools continues to flourish and family programs can thrive to meet the needs of school communities.
It takes US all and our ELD Department is proud to work together with families, marshal student resources, and offer parent trainings to encourage involvement and participation at all of our CCUSD schools.

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