Dear Editor – Excellence and Equity in Education

Dear Editor,
Claudia Vizcarra is an outstanding candidate for the Culver City School Board. Claudia has consistently championed the twin goals of educational excellence and equity. She wants to do more to improve our already wonderful schools, as she recognizes what a boon they are to the wider community. Claudia is committed to closing the achievement gap that exists in Culver City, so that all of our students thrive.
All students are capable and all families have strengths which Culver City schools work hard to build on. Thankfully, the people who make our schools so great—students, families, teachers, staff, administrators, school board leaders and other dedicated community members—care deeply about public education. Claudia knows how to listen attentively to all stakeholders and build consensus. She will bring much needed focus to the importance of leveling the educational playing field. Claudia is committed to working for increased funding to support a full, enriched curriculum for all students; including those whose potential as learners has not been fully realized.
This matters because inequality in the educational arena is fundamentally unfair and because it threatens our ability to function effectively as a democracy. Claudia is knowledgeable about what can be done to address the challenges we face and is passionate about effecting positive change in Culver City schools. If elected to serve on the school board, Claudia will work diligently with her colleagues to craft policies that will provide excellent educational opportunities for the students in all of our schools.
Claudia’s knowledge about evidence-based best practices and current educational research is substantive. Along with her ability to work respectfully with others, her expertise will make her a tremendous asset to the Culver City School Board. As a parent, 14 year resident and educational professional, Claudia’s heart and mind will be fully engaged in service to our district. This is why she has my vote on November 5.
Disa Lindgren

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