Dear Editor – Silbiger Gets Support

Dear Editor,

I write to support Karlo Silbiger for re-election to Culver City School Board. Over the last four years, Karlo has shown he will make thoughtful decisions, will responsibly spend taxpayer dollars and will work to protect funding for arts and music programs.

Karlo was School Board President when we were hiring our new Superintendent, David LaRose, in 2012. As such, Karlo was responsible for much of the communication between the Board and Mr. LaRose, and I believe his leadership played a key role in the successful hiring of Mr. LaRose. Our District has already benefitted from Mr. LaRose’s dedication to and advocacy for the whole child. I am greatful to Karlo for bringing such a fantastic superintendent to Culver City.

I also appreciate that Karlo has been such a strong supporter of the solar initiative. This program will bring $8.5 million in new funds to the District, without any new taxpayer dollars. These funds can be used for any need, including hiring new teachers. This, to me, is a wise investment!

Finally, our son has benefitted from the terrific programs available through the high school’s Academy for Visual and Performing Arts. This program provides wonderful opportunities for students to study basic and advanced techniques in visual arts, dance, music, film and theater. Karlo consistently has supported arts and music programs in our elementary, middle and high schools. He was the only Board member to vote against cutting a District music teacher position in 2011, and worked tirelessly since then to restore the position, which occurred this Fall. I appreciate that Karlo understands that arts and music are critical elements of a child’s education.

Please join me in voting to re-elect Karlo Silbiger to Culver City School Board on Tuesday November 5.


Cheryl Clark

The Actors' Gang

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