Dear Editor – Signs Stolen, Candid Camera

Dear Editor – Here is more video footage of sign stealing.

About six days ago I posted video of an elderly gentleman stealing School Board candidate Kathy Paspalis’s yard signs from the corner of Overland and Jefferson. The police have positively identified him

I had been informed that Kathy’s signs were also being removed repeatedly from prominent locations in the Carlson Park neighborhood. We set up surveillance cameras at a new location and captured this imagery. Signs have been stolen from this property on five separate occasions.

The two signs for other candidates have not been disturbed.

Watch how intentional this woman’s behavior is.

During my own campaign last year, a resident wrote a letter to the editor asking those responsible to stop stealing my signs from his yard. He woke up the next morning to find them shredded across his lawn.

As I stated in my commentary last week, this is the third consecutive election cycle where an incumbent opposed by a certain local political group is being subjected to tactics like the stealing of signs, deceptive attack pieces, and other behavior intended to harass and manipulate.

Three times in a row is no coincidence.

Those responsible for or benefitting from these tactics could make it stop with a phone call or a sincere public statement. As a veteran campaigner, I know that to be true.

It’s time for the “dirty tricks” in Culver City politics to stop.

Scott Malsin

If you have any information that can help identify the individual in this video please contact me.

This imagery was captured in the Carlson Park neighborhood of Culver City on Sunday, November 3rd at 7:29pm.

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  1. Wow, I guess I should count myself lucky that my Kathy sign was only stolen once?

    This behavior is appalling and these people should be ashamed. What a terrible example of miserable adult behavior for the kids who are watching (mine had a LOT of questions when our sign vanished).

    On the brighter side, my response to the theft was to make contributions to Paspalis, Levin, and Robins and request yard signs from all three. So where one sign was taken, three have now sprouted.

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