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The last week of September was a challenge for me – despite the vivid full moon and Sept 30 –the date of the Chinese Moon Festival – the mid-autumn festival to enjoy mooncakes and drink tea.

Instead, it was a week of challenges, resulting in a considerable number of unpleasant sensations. My favorite sport’s team lost and lost again, the heat brought out critters in the house & yard, the Presidential debates were abysmal…It’s natural that my qi – my energy – is not always “in yang,” that is, always bright and sunny. Instead it was very yin – resulting fatigue, sleep deprivation, vague stomach sensations. Yes to me, a feng shui consultant!

A preeminent Tibetan Buddhism Rinpoche encouraged students to “lean into the sharp points” of experience, not to avoid them. He taught that discomfort is not an annoyance but a reminder of the need for ongoing discipline. I interpreted this to mean, lean into the pain, and let it organically find its way.

In my youth I sometimes tried to interfere with life’s challenges. Tried to avoid it, tried to stop it, tried not to accept negative energies that happen without control. But I find that letting it happen, feeling the pain – has to happen in order for the cycle to continue to yang, the brighter period, as it always does. The cycle of yin and yang — the heart of feng shui.

For me, consistency in life is enjoying my family – my daughter & husband in particular, and enjoying my work. I am blessed with a constant stream of clients who enable me to teach what I learn. No matter how I feel, I have to get up and garden, feed my fish and pet my dogs. It’s nice to have this routine, and it’s a reminder that life is always in transition, that the tai chi of life is the center of all balanced elements, and that it continues, the sun rises and sets everyday.

Here in Los Angeles it’s Autumn — carmageddon is behind us, it gets dark earlier, we contemplate and discuss the Presidential election, and gas prices are out of control. Feeling the challenges and enjoying the moments — the sunrise, the bountiful fruits of summer, the constancy of life.

I’m now preparing for winter — updating my ecommerce website – and preparing for a feng shui boutique sale to give thanks in November, in Santa Monica. Stay tuned – I’d love to meet you either online or in person.

In gratitude, Janet Mitsui Brown, www.thejoyoffengshui.com

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