Assault at Fiesta – Suspects are Sought

About 9:30 p.m. last night (August 27)  two teenagers were mugged by a group of young adult men looking for pot. The kids were relieved of their Ipods, and shaken by the assault. Whle one of the assailants claimed to have a weapon, the victims did not ever see it.  The police were on the scene soon after, and a full report has been made, and the suspects are being sought.The victims declined to have their names reported, but wanted to warn others to be aware and stay safe.

If you are enjoying the Fiesta, make sure you know where your children are, and stay in safe, well lighted areas. If you see anything suspicious, please inform the police and know that they are there to protect your safety. Keep Fiesta safe, and look out for your children and teenagers.

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