Be There Early to Stand Up 4 Schools

Thursday, March 4 is the day that schools all over the state of California will be protesting the budget cuts from Sacramento. Beginning at 7:30 a.m. at every school on the Culver City School District,  educators, parents and community members  will participate in a protest, joining hands around the various school sites as part of a statewide day of action. The event has been called by the Association of School Administrators, California Teachers Association, other education organizations, higher education and labor unions to show the pain unprecedented budget cuts are causing our students and schools.  The message to Sacramento is to stop the cuts to public education and other essential services

“The March 4th day of action by teachers, staff, parents, students and other supporters of education is helping to heighten the awareness of the havoc $17 billion in cuts over two years is wreaking on students and schools,” said CCUSD Superintendent Myrna Rivera Coté  “We are faced with increased class sizes, deep cuts to art, music, career technical education and other vital programs and on March 15, thousands of educators across California will face pink slips. Quality public schools build strong communities and we have joined together to say our children deserve better. Investing in public education is the best investment we can make in their future.”

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