Gardens of Gratitude – Get Involved

On April 24 and 25, people from neighborhoods across West Los Angeles will be coming together to help each other build edible gardens, transforming our streets into an edible oasis. The idea sprang from a local community group called the Westside Permies, a loose knit collection of community activists who are inspired to bring positive change into the places they live. This small group of volunteers are creating this event to spread the awareness of local food, gardening skills and community. Anyone can get started by going to the website,, and signing up to have a garden made where you live or to volunteer to help others create a garden. Last year  96 people signed up to make a garden, and hundreds signed up to volunteer. We mobilized to create one of the most memorable events that is even now beginning to bear fruit. This year promises to be even more spectacular.

Please get involved in making Culver City a greener and more delicious place. Go to, and sign up.

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