Thanks to the AWEsome Moms Clubs-

The proverb says “Be careful what you wish for… you will receive it.” This proved  delightfully true this past week, when a request for help for a displaced baby went out to the Culver City Moms Club.  One request turned into more than a hundred emails, with offers of supplies and help coming from moms all over town.

A four month old boy named Colin was placed in the custody of his grandparents, who had nothing he needed.  When Crossroads contacted Zoenda Macintosh of the Culver City Moms Club, she sent an email, and even before the sun had set, offers of clothes, furniture, food and toys were pouring in. Several moms even offered to help out with babysitting and housecleaning help. (They’d love to accept, but they’re just not that local.)

Our grateful caretaking grandparents now have more than enough, so further offers of help won’t be needed. If you sent an email and you have not heard back, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.  There is no force on earth as compassionate, as caring or as quick as a Moms Club. Thank You!

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