Meghan Sahli-Wells Wins Democratic Club Endorsement

Meghan Sahli-Wells, City Council Candidate
Meghan Sahli-Wells, City Council Candidate

Culver City Democratic Club meeting on Feb. 10 at the Rotunda Room at the Vets Building voted to endorse Meghan Sahli-Wells after an hour long debate with all four candidates for city council. Despite a second ballot, no other candidate won enough votes to qualify.

Ronnie Jayne was the capable and deft moderator for the evening, and all four of the candidates for council were present, Sahli-Wells,  Jeff Cooper, Scott Malsin and Robert Zirgulis. Each candidate was permitted a three minute introductory statement, although there seemed to be no one in the crowd who was not already familiar with the candidates and their positions. Questions were culled from members of the club, and topics from transportation to budget woes were commented on. After allowing a one-minute closing statement from each candidate, ballots were cast.

The requirement for endorsement was 60% of the vote. With 77 members present to vote, Sahli-Wells received 64 votes, Cooper received 24 votes, Malsin received 13 votes, and Zirgulis only 3 votes.

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