College Dance Theater “Barely There”

Collage Dance Theatre’s first performance of their 25th anniversary year will be  a new dance installation at the  SPF: a Gallery, in Culver City.

This new performance is inspired by the late conceptual artist Fred Sandback, who created works indicating the volume of sculpture, without the mass. With materials such as yarn, wire and string he made outlines in space and compared his art making to the eating of an artichoke – something you peel away until nothing is left. He felt that although the inside was missing, the interior represented hope. “I’d rather be in the middle of a situation than over on one side either looking in or looking out.”

Architects Judit Fekete and Zoltan Pali will employ similar materials to create an environment in the SPF gallery that acknowledges a close relationship with the space. Collage Dance Theatre performers, Marissa LaBog and Rob Lambaron will inhabit these minimalist forms and breathe life into the architecture of the installation. The dancers will occupy the same site as the viewer, altering the forms as they inhabit them, making connections between performance, spectator and site. Are these dancers the link to missing information?

SPF: a gallery is located at8609 Washington Blvd. Choreographed and directed by Heidi Duckler, the dancing will be presented on Saturday, Feb. 13 from 2 to 4 p.m. A live installation running continuously through the afternoon, this is a unique combination of performance and art. Tickets are $10.
This project is made possible in part by the Culver City Performing Arts Grant Program with support from Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Collage Dance Theatre (CDT) redefines the relationship between audience and art by presenting bold choreography in extraordinary places. CDT initiates collaborations with artists and cultivates community engagement to create meaningful, multidisciplinary public art experiences with exceptional artistic standards.

Heidi Duckler is the Artistic Director and founder of Collage Dance Theatre. Since its inception in 1985, she has choreographed over 60 original dance works at unique sites in Hong Kong, New York, Miami, Las Vegas, Portland, Oregon and throughout Southern California including the Lincoln Heights Prison, the Los Angeles River, the Subway Terminal Building, the Herald Examiner Building, the Ambassador Hotel and the L.A. Police Academy. Called “the reigning queen of site-specific performance,” by the L.A. Times, her work has been commissioned by Miami Light, Grand Performances, REDCAT, Aben Dans in Denmark, Brookfield Properties, the Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation, among others.

Call (818) 784-8669 for more information.

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