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Three More Endorsments for Sahli-Wells

Council Candidate and Cauliflower

Culver City Council candidate Meghan Sahli-Wells added three major supporters last week: U.S. Congresswoman Diane Watson, (see post in News) the Culver City Employees’ Association, and the National Women’s Political Caucus L.A. Westside.

“I am greatly honored to receive Congresswoman Diane Watson’s endorsement,” said Sahli-Wells. “From the California State Senate to the U.S. Congress, she has stood up for children, seniors, education, healthcare, and the environment. She has served Culver City and our country with tremendous dedication. Her inspirational leadership shows what is possible in public service.”

The Culver City Employees’ Association also gave Meghan its endorsement last week. “I have always supported the right to unionize, so I am very proud to receive the support of the Culver City Employees’ Association,” she said. Created for the unionized employees of Culver City, the organization keeps members and the public informed about Culver City government and up-to-date union news.

The board of the National Women’s Political Caucus L.A. Westside voted unanimously on February 21 to endorse Meghan for City Council. “Women make up more than 50% of the population of Culver City, yet we have traditionally had very little representation on our Council. I appreciate the important work the National Women’s Political Caucus L.A. Westside does helping women candidates in our area,” stated Sahli-Wells. The National Women’s Political Caucus L.A. Westside supports the election of women to public office regardless of political party.

Meghan Sahli-Wells has already received endorsements from the Los Angeles County Democratic Party, the Culver City Democratic Club, and the Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters. While some may question the value of endorsements in a local contest, there’s no doubt that these groups will influence large numbers of voters in the upcoming race.

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