City Offers Virtual Appts for Building and Planning

So, the remodel/accessory dwelling/upgrade is almost there, but you still have questions? The City of Culver City now offers virtual appointments. This allows for people to skip the trip to City Hall and receive critical answers quickly..

“We want planning and building services to be easily accessible to everyone. These 20 minute virtual slots can answer a wide-range of questions to help simplify the process,” said Mark Muenzer, Planning and Development Director. “Experience the ease and convenience with this new tool as we continue to facilitate building and planning processes in the vibrant City of Culver City.”

You can share documents and get real time feedback on:
Planning & Zoning questions
Building permit application and issuance
Building Code issues
Soft Story Retrofit Program

Visit the Culver City’s Planning & Development webpage to learn more and make an appointment.

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