Celebrating Isaac Bryan @ The Wende Museum

The crowd at the Wende Museum on Oct. 8, 2023 was filled with elected officials and politicos at 5 pm for a reception celebrating the 55th District Assembly Representative Isaac Bryan, and his elevation to the seat of Assembly Majority Leader. For a politician still so freshly elected – he’s been in office for slightly more than two years – Bryan’s new post is a blue ribbon of confidence by his peers in Sacramento.  

The celebration, co-hosted by Culver City’s Vice Mayor Yasmine Imani-McMorrin, Council member Freddy Puza, and Justin Jampol of the Wende Museum, was a moment for Bryan to thank his local supporters for their efforts on his behalf. “I love to focus in on Culver City, as it is the geographic center of the 55th [District]- That means you are mine – that means I am yours.” 

There were plenty of elected officials in attendance – State Senator Lola Smallwood-Cuevas, CCUSD School Board President Paula Amezola, City Council member Dan O’Brien, School board members Dr. Kelly Kent, Triston Ezidore and Stephanie Loredo. In addition, Los Angeles County Assessor Jeffrey Prang and former LA City Council member Mike Bonin were both present to mark the occasion. 

Smallwood-Cuevas spoke to the crowd about what a great ally and colleague Bryan was in Sacramento, and Bryan returned the compliment, saying that she was a “phenomenal senator” had worked through her first year in office “like a professional, and that takes doing…Just like they say in Hamilton, running is easy, governing is harder.” 

Focusing in on the fine details of why and how he was in this position, Bryan offered: “When you run for office, you can pay to be on the ballot or you can collect signatures. How you do it matters. It mattered to me to get my final signatures in Culver City, and I’m remembering walking down Berryman, with Kelly [Kent] going door to door to get those last few names to qualify. It was important to me to get those signatures in Culver City.” 

“Culver City is a city that is solving problems and looking forward. I see a city that used to be a ‘sundown town’ that now has a Black Assembly majority leader. I see opportunity and I see hope. It takes an entire community to make change.”

Commenting on his success, he noted: “So many people in this space have lifted me up. I would not be here without your support. You all did not send me there to [Sacramento] just be there, you sent me to lead, to fight for the things that are right. You have to listen a lot, and learn. and share and build bridges – and leverage those bridges for change. From Pico-Robertson to Leimert Park.”

“I’ve never had something like this before …I’ve won awards and such, but to be here with my peers, with these people who helped me from the very beginning … I’m grateful, I’m sincerely grateful.” 

Judith Martin-Straw


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