Cold War Spaces – Food History and ‘Kitchen Debate’

For Thanksgiving week, Cold War Spaces will serve a food-themed interview. Wende Museum Curator Joes Segal will have Dutch cultural historian (and Segal’s former student) Jon Verriet, who is preparing his PhD project Fitter, Stronger, Faster: The Athlete’s Diet and the Pursuit of Healthy Lifestyles in the Netherlands and the UK (1945-2016), and who keeps a personal website on food history (

Segal offers, “We will speak about the “kitchen debate” between Soviet leader Khrushchev and American Vice President Nixon, about frozen foods and ready meals, about food as a marker of cultural identities and a centerpiece of rituals and traditions, and much more.”

Wednesday, November 25, 12 p.m. Pacific Time: Jon Verriet – Culinary Space: Debates and Practices

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