Three Days, Four Peaceful Protests in Culver City

This afternoon, June 2, 2020 the corner of Culver and Overland was the site of the fourth peaceful protest in three days in Culver City. Many people gathered with signs – and masks – to join the wave of national protests against police violence. The murder of George Floyd, who was suspected of passing a counterfeit twenty dollar bill, by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, has launched protests around the world against the murder of African Americans by cops who are rarely held accountable. 

In Culver City, the protest began on Sunday with a gathering at Vets Park and a march to City Hall, circumventing a 4 pm curfew which had been announced so late that many were unaware that it had happened. The walk was problem free, with many passing cars honking in support. 

On Monday, the call was for a sit-in, at the “Film Fountain’ in front of the Vets Building, and even more people came, calling out “Black Lives Matter” to the approval of those passing the intersection.

Today there were two separate protests, one led by Culver City High School students, who held an event in front of City Hall at noon, the protesters taking a knee for nine minutes, a reflection of Floyd’s murder. The second, again at the intersection of Culver and Overland, drew close to four hundred Culver City residents to chant “I Can’t Breathe” and “Black Lives Matter.” 

All of these protests were family friendly and coronavirus conscious, with strollers and baby slings as much in evidence as face masks and gloves. 

Stay posted for news of more political action. 

Judith Martin-Straw

The Actors' Gang


  1. I was at Culver and Overland feom 330 to 415 june 2 and I carefully estimated the protest at about 400. It was a moving experience to join my masked neighbors in protest.

  2. Thank you! We will update the numbers in the post – We were there from 3:20 until about 3:40, and people were still arriving as we left.

  3. I understand that the other officers who helped kill George Floyd have been charged. Thats what should have happened in first place. I think now is the time for the protests to end our streets and be directed to the ballot box. COVID 19 is still here and could spread more to vulnerable people like me and other seniors. We can’t keep giving these looters the opportunity to hide in our peaceful protester. So let’s get out the vote now, and let our society have some type of peace. Trump won’t guide us ever so vote him out and all REPULICANS like Mitch,leader of Senate and take away their republican majority who continue to refuse to pass legislation. You want change, then vote and throw Trump and Republicans out. VOTE!!!!

  4. The next one that we are aware of is Friday, June 5 at noon @ Vets Park. But stay posted; we are covering updates all day.

  5. I hear there is a protest planned at vets park on Saturday at 11am. Is that correct?

  6. I had heard noon – but no harm getting there early to claim some space.
    Also – daily at the corner of Overland and Culver at 3 pm.

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