Dear Editor – CCPD Addresses Community Concerns with Immigration Policy

Light-bulb-0003-300x198Recently, we have received inquiries and comments from some of our community members expressing fears about the election results and its impact on our community, specifically as it relates to immigration enforcement and deportation. It is my intent with this message to ease the concerns of all of our community, but specifically the fears of the parents, children, and relatives of undocumented immigrants

To be very clear, the Culver City Police Department has not historically participated in the direct enforcement of immigration laws. We do not intend to change that practice. A safe community needs an effective police department. In order to be an effective police department, we need trust, partnership, and cooperation between residents and the officers sworn to protect them. We do not want the fear of immigration status to inhibit the members of our communities from interacting with their police officers, particularly when they are victims or witnesses in criminal cases.

The Culver City Police Department is committed to protecting everyone’s rights, regardless of immigration status. Our department policies related to immigration have not changed as a result of recent federal immigration actions. We will continue to arrest and seek prosecution of anyone who has committed a crime in Culver City, but the sole issue of one’s immigration status is NOT a matter for Culver City police action.

We continue to collaborate, engage in thoughtful dialogue, and build trust with all members of the public through our community outreach efforts. I believe our officers work diligently every day to treat everyone professionally and fairly and provide a high level of police service to our community. We are committed to our values of Professionalism, Passion, Pride, Proactivity and Partnership in the community, and will continue to hear and be responsive to your concerns.

Scott Bixby
Chief of Police Culver
City Police Department

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