Expo Parking Lot Project Meeting July 15

s_topTEMP325x350-3646There will be a public meeting this Wednesday July 15th from 6pm to 8pm to discuss the projected development of the Expo Station Parking Lot. Developers will “share refined project plans based on the first community meeting and feedback from [Culver] City”
The meeting will take place at Cunningham Group Architecture 8665 Hayden Place Culver City. 90232 in regard to the development of the parking lot at the Culver City Station, Metro Expo Line.

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  1. I am opposed to the development of the parking lot. There is not enough parking sometimes for people who commute on the train right now. I think they need to build parking structures to accomedate all of the cars that people leave at the train station to ride the train. Why why why do developers think they can turn the only parking available for culver city train riders into a development that they can profit from. This is the wrong plan. I have lived in Culver City all my life and developers are building multi-use mega building throughout the city without thinking about traffic, resources and quality of life for the people that live here

    I say NO to this latest development.

    Louise Smith

  2. According what we heard at the last development meeting, the development will increase the number of overall parking places, but decrease the number available to persons arriving to ride the train. This is absurd. The argument that as phase 2 of the Expo line opens, people to the west will no longer drive totally ignores the fact that as the new destinations are added, more people from the north and south will want to drive to the station to use the line.

  3. The meeting on July 15th was very disappointing for those that live in the area and those that use the parking lot to commute with the Expo Line.
    They said that there will be 300 parking spaces in an offered underground for metro users, this is down from the 600 available now. They couldn’t say if they’d be free spaces or how they’d be regulated. There will be another 1,300 spaces reserved for the businesses, apartments and hotel.
    Even worse, during the 4-5 years projected construction the alternate parking will be the lot at Ince and Washington(Trader Joe’s), about 1/2 mile away.
    Also there is NO affordable housing in the plan, 200+ “market rate” apartments and a “boutique 4 star hotel”.
    The buildings will be 4, 5 and 6 stories tall. Much higher than CC normally allows without a variance.
    It’s unfortunate all the emphasis is based on serving upper classes in this project. It would have been great if they actually increased the amount of parking for metro users. Perhaps one level above ground as well.

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