The Meadows Goes Green All the Way

lsHow do you make a meadow even greener? Culver City Public Works’ Environmental Programs and Operations Division (EPO) worked closely with the Meadows E&S Ring Management to set up their new and improved recycling program.

The Meadows is the largest apartment community in Culver City, with close to 2000 residents. To mark America Recycles Day and lower its carbon footprint, the Meadows announced their new and improved recycling program end of the year 2014, at a complimentary breakfast and presentation by the city Recycling Consultant. Recycling totes and educational brochures were handed out and residents were able to ask questions about recycling.

The Meadows’ leadership in establishing an upgraded recycling program is providing the tools and information for residents to increase their recycling efforts and assist Culver City in reaching its waste diversion goals of 75% by 2020.

Some program changes include:

– Adding new blue recycling bins to trash areas

– Adding green recycling bins for green waste composting

– Upgrading enclosure areas for optimal residential use of recycling bins

– Continuing to spread the word and offer accurate information to residents

Culver City provided complimentary recycling signage and posters, blue recycling totes for residents’ use, marketing brochures and other promotional items.

Since Culver City’s recycling service rates are 70% lower than trash rates, the Meadows will decrease its trash service costs by augmenting their recycling program. This will not only benefit residents’ pocket books, but our planet: it’s a win-win situation for everyone!

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