City Announces Sewer Upgrades

Culver City announced on Tuesday Sept. 24 that work on the sewers will be ongoing until 2014. Affected residents will be given at least 48 hours of advance notice before work begins and should expect the following during the pipe installation process:

Typical installation should be completed in a single day using robotic methods to restore active house connections from within the pipe.
If there is a city sewer manhole located within the sewer easement in a home’s backyard, the contractor will need to access it in order to clean the pipe and install the new liner.
While the work is being performed, sewer service connection will be temporarily sealed off. It is requested that each resident or business should prevent water from entering through any drain between 8am and 5pm on the day specified in the 48-hour notice. This includes not washing clothes or dishes, taking showers or flushing toilets.

The continuing project is expected to last until the middle of 2014 as aging pipes are retrofitted with new lining that is expected to last at least 50 years.

Residents with questions or concerns can contact City of Culver City project manager Hong Wang at 310-253-5604 or contractor Blaine Eddleman at 281-802-4096.

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