Sahli-Wells Speaks On Measure Y “It’s Personal”

Councilperson Meghan Sahli-Wells has been extolling the virtues of Measure Y over the past 2 months to neighborhood associations, community groups, students, and friends. At a recent rally, she addressed a group of Culver City high school students. The students, not yet old enough to vote, have been volunteering on the campaign for Proposition 30, and understandably wondered about Measure Y. “What defines Culver City is its wonderful quality of life. This tax measure protects it,” explained Ms. Sahli-Wells.

Later, to a group of parents, she opined not only as a councilperson, but also, and perhaps more importantly, as a mom and Culver City resident, the great significance of Measure Y on the upcoming November ballot, “My support for Measure Y goes beyond my duties to safeguard our city’s fiscal future as a Councilmember: it’s personal. As a mom, I depend on our parks, camps, summer classes, public spaces and safe streets for my children. When my Grandmother was still with us, she enjoyed bridge-playing at the Senior Center, and the paramedics saved her life three times. These vital services make Culver City a wonderful place for residents to grow up and grow old.”

At a neighborhood gathering to discuss the various ballot propositions, she was called upon to present the local measure:

“We can’t balance our budget with cuts alone. Even the Culver City Chamber of Commerce has endorsed Measure Y, recognizing the importance of raising revenues so our businesses and residents can thrive. Further, the newly created Public Finance Advisory Committee will ensure that all city revenues will be spent judiciously and transparently.”

After talking to so many residents throughout the city about the local measure, she feels optimistic about its success. This optimism is fed by the the numerous endorsements garnered from business and community groups, individuals – and the lack of organized opposition to the measure. She observes, “There’s both great support and great need for Measure Y. Come vote with me on November 6th!”

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