Dear Editor – Measure Y is Crucial

Dear Editor:

On Tuesday, November 6, 2012, the voting residents of Culver City will have many choices at our voting booths — nationally, state-wide and locally. One vote that will affect each and every one of us in Culver City is the vote to enact Measure Y – the tiny ½ penny sales tax increase that will have a huge impact on our city and will be paid for primarily by non-Culver City residents who visit or work in our city.

Like you, I am used to living in a clean, safe and caring city. And like you, I do not want to see every aspect of my life change and deteriorate. Recently I was in a nearby town when a visitor standing close to me sustained a serious injury. Almost 16 minutes passed before the paramedics from that city arrived. My colleagues and I watched helplessly as the injured man screamed in pain and desperation. Had the accident occurred in Culver City, I am confident that our paramedics would have arrived at the scene and begun treating and transporting the injured man within a few minutes.

Measure Y is about maintaining public safety, public health and quality of life for everyone in Culver City. It is such a small price to pay to preserve our safety services, emergency response times, programs for children, seniors, adults and pets, street repairs, parks and cultural events. Your vote for Measure Y on November 6th will guarantee you a future Culver City that is as great as the city we now enjoy.

Deborah Weinrauch

The Actors' Gang

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