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Get ready to view some very informative links below. The links are to support points I share. Please scroll through to the bottom. If you want to cut to the chase, please contact California’s Jerry Brown to petition for a Ban on Fracking , and to sign the Clean Water Bill of Rights: Please cut and paste links in your browser, if you cannot open them.

This has been an exciting Summer for people like us, who want to see a ban on fracking. There has been some exciting progress. Though slow, there has been a steady wave of growing National awareness about the dangers of fracking. Despite Chevron’s lame radio ad attempting to praise the “benefits” of fracking, more people are aware that fracking uses tons of irreversibly polluted cancer causing chemical laden water ( California, and the world is experiencing a growing water shortage: George Bush Jr. supposedly just bought an aquifer in South America. I think he is banking on US water prices sky rocketing! Imported water may be the only clean US drinking water if fracking is not banned. He would make millions, maybe billions!

Thankfully, more people are aware of the global need for clean water. In California, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and the Environmental Working Group (EWG) sued the California Department of Public Health on Aug. 14 for failing to protect millions of Californians from hexavalent chromium, the cancer-causing chemical made infamous in the movie Erin Brockovich for contaminating drinking water and sickening residents in the town of Hinkley, California:

The clean water issue is also directly related to our food sources in the Midwest. Water is used for crop irrigation and to feed cattle and other farm animals:

There have been no US regulations on fracking and related water contamination, since the 1940’s. Anyone who says there are safe ways to frack -is lying. Oil and gas companies, and government agencies have done and spent thousands of private, and tax dollars (yours) on lame and weak studies. They admit that none of the studies show that fracking is safe, and that they cannot prove beyond a doubt or show that the thin cement casings around frack pipes won’t crack or burst. As we saw happen in the Gulf with the still tragic BP oil spill. It is still leaking by the way. I refuse to eat shrimp anymore, as it all comes from the Gulf and it is all polluted. My uncle cooked me shrimp this summer. I was polite and ate some. I had stabbing stomach pains that night. I attribute this to oil and chemical dispersant polluted shrimp. Eat it if you dare! Just as I dare Shale, Oil, and Gas people opposed to protecting our land, air, and water, to drink frack water. I think they should drink gallons of it daily. I mean they expect us to? So fair is fair right?

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, which oversees commercial nuclear power enterprises, has halted the issuance of all new nuclear reactor licensing decisions after a court ruling citing the failure of industry and government to identify an acceptable solution for the long-term storage of nuclear waste and water pollution. This lends another angle to protecting our clean water rights, and the importance Nationally and Globally for fighting for clean water

To get involved in the next big National rally in your area, the date is Sept 22nd:

For more ongoing info:

Thank You! I will keep you updated. Sincerely, Aura Walker

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