Minor Premieres as Major Artist – Elijah Solow-Ohashi Does Art Over War


The Art Works classroom and gallery on Washington was the scene on Saturday August 25 for an opening that may well be the first of many for Elijah Solow-Ohashi. The artist is only 11, but has ideas and technique that seem as if he has already mastered much.

“War<Art was created as a statement. Last year I began the work for this show, Art Over War,  with the piece, War < Art (War is Less than Art).  I continued throughout the year with this theme in mind, creating more pieces that reflect this belief. ”

The gallery was filled with more than 20 paintings, some of which reflected directly on the images of war, and many of which touched on the supports; ideas like weapons, politicians and bombs were all represented.

“Crayons, paints, pencils and pens have been in my hands since I can remember,” said Solow-Ohashi “when they’re in my hands, it feels as if I’m making music on paper, and in the end, the symphony comes together. ”

Solow-Ohashi started painting classes at Art Works Studio in Culver City when he was seven years old, and he noted “It was here and at my elementary school that my mind had room to blossom.”

“I think art has the power to change the way people think. When war is over, art remains… and will be ever present. “

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