Nachbar Addresses City and Redevelopment

Culver City City  Manager John Nachbar sent this message to city and redevelopment agency employees on Friday, March 4.

“It is my understanding that it has become likely that the State will act soon to eliminate Redevelopment Agencies throughout the state and end redevelopment. This would include the elimination of the Culver City Redevelopment Agency.

I probably have as many questions as you [do] about what will happen and how this will unfold. It is a certainty that cities across the state will mount a legal challenge. How things will progress and ultimately shake out is anyone’s guess.

The City continues to take action to protect as much work of the Culver City Redevelopment Agency as possible. The elimination of redevelopment in Culver City will affect us all. The Culver City Redevelopment Agency stimulates revitalization and affordable housing in our City. It does so by fully funding twenty three (23) positions while partially funding over twenty others and supports its share of other City operations by offsetting approximately $2 million in general fund expenditures. So, the loss of redevelopment will add additional burden to the structural deficit our City already faces; all the more reason why we must urgently confront our fiscal shortfall.”

The end of redevelopment will significantly change the shape of our local government. Keep reading Culver City Crossroads for more information.

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