Avoid Jefferson and Overland – Another Broken Pipe

A phone call from the Culver City Police Dept. let us know this morning (Monday March 7) that there was a sewer line broken, and avoiding the intersection of Jefferson and Overland would be a good idea unless you are rowing a canoe. (Not an exact quote, just a metaphor- ) The Public Works Department is on the scene now, and the repairs are expected to be completed tomorrow. There is limited access, but if you don’t have to drive through there, one less car is a good thing.

Does any of this have to do with the fraking going on in the oil field ? Does any of that have to do with the misspent millions of wasted construction money on the West Los Angeles College campus ? When you think of how often you have heard the phrase “underwater” in regard to real estate, did you visualize this ? This is the third time in only a few months that Culver City streets have been underwater due to pipes breaking- pipes that are not that old, and should not be having these problems.

We do have an election coming up tomorrow, March 8. Getting rid of all the incumbents on the college board of trustees will be a great way to clean house. After that, we can continue mopping up.


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  1. Thanks for this report ~ I actually was planning to be going that way later today & now can avoid getting stuck. I’m definitely going to be thinking about some new faces for the college board of trustees.

    On another note ~ paddling a canoe in water from a broken sewer line ~~~ eeewww…

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