Dance Program at AVPA Wins Grant Funding

More good news for the Academy of Visual and Performing Arts at CCHS;  the AVPA Foundation is the recipient of a $50,000 grant from the Surdna Foundation to support the AVPA Dance program.

The Surdna Foundation’s purpose is to create just and sustainable communities, and AVPA Dance fits within Surdna’s goal of providing opportunities for the artistic advancement of teens. Long-term, Surdna expects teens from many cultures to contribute to the artistic fabric of the United States and to contribute to the evolution of new art forms.

The funds, $25,000 for each of two years, will enhance the AVPA Dance program by extending class offerings, expanding curriculum development, adding enrichment activities, and further developing the artistic advancement opportunities available to AVPA Dance students.

The AVPA Foundation’s president, Andrew Leist, noted “we extend our most heartfelt thanks to Dr. Tony Spano, Julie Carson, Inez Bush, and Susan Frazin whose invaluable collaboration helped create an effective proposal and application. Please join us in congratulating Julie Carson, the AVPA Directors, and the AVPA Dance Dept. on this very happy occasion.”

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