Dear Crossroads–

The students are thrilled at the news of Sheila Silver’s rehiring. We feel that the district has responded to our needs and demands by reversing their previous decision. While her position is still not secure due to budget cuts, we know that we will fight for her just as aggressively as we did for the last two weeks. For now, though, we’ll celebrate and stay the family we are. Thank you to everyone who helped us keep an inspiring, passionate, and effective teacher.

Thank you also for covering this story.

Kevin Mitchell
Culver City High School Student

The Actors' Gang

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  1. Dear Kevin and Family,
    This is our “raison d’etre” at Crossroads. It’s the reason we are here. Giving the community a place to connect and express their thoughts and opinions is what we are all about.
    Wild applause to you and your crew for all your actions. Now you can add “political action” to your acting resume.

    Judith Martin-Straw

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