Tide Continues to Rise for Jaffe as Superintendent

When Patti Jaffe was chosen last year to be the Interim Superintendent, the contract included the language, “The parties agree and acknowledge that the Interim Superintendent not eligible for the position of “New” or “Full-Time” Superintendent.” Several people who turned up at the last school board meeting on Tues. Jan. 25 came to ask the board to change that. Lise Friedman, Tom Kim and Janet Chabola all came to the podium to speak to the matter, to express their support for Jaffe to take the job on a permanent basis, each getting wild applause from those attending.

School Board President Scott Zeidman jumped in to ride the tide by pointing out that the contract also had a stipulation stating that “The parties may, at any time, and by mutual written agreement, amend and/or extend the terms of this agreement.”  The board voted to agendize the item for the upcoming meeting on Feb. 8.

While school superintendents are not voted on in general elections, nor are they subject to employment by acclaim, Jaffe could probably get either hypothetical victory. While the board is looking at other candidates, Feb. 8 will certainly put Jaffe formally on the list.

School Board Member Steve Gourley addressed the matter by asking “Who is here to support Patti Jaffe, raise your hand ?” When most of the hands in the room went up, he asked “Who would like to raise both hands ?” and the number instantly doubled.

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  1. Is that an advertisement on the header of this article or is it just an opinion or worse off, propaganda? It should be shown as being so and the source noted as well. Shame on you!
    George Laase

  2. I stand by it as fact. It is up to the board to approve, but 9 out of 10 people I have spoken with who have an opinion on the subject are fans of Jaffe. The letter from Larry Wiener was sent to all the local publications (according to Mr. Wiener), and I know that board members are being lobbied by interests from many sectors to approve Jaffe. (Ads run on the right column and the banner, never in the headlines-) See you Tuesday !

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