Boneyard Re-Opening Has a Hopeful Date

Dogs in the back of a pick-up truck, waiting for March, or someone with the keys

According to a press release from Culver City Manger John Nachbar , PXP has completed work on two abandoned wells at the Dog Park, and the work has been approved by the State Department of Oil and Gas. Restoration work at the Dog Park is now underway. The expected completion date is March 1. The irrigation lines that were ruptured while re-abandoning the well and new replacement irrigation lines going to the tree have been installed. Grading of the Dog Park should begin today. Valley Crest, the contractor that originally built the Dog Park, has been hired by PXP to perform the restoration work. City staff is carefully overseeing the work at the Dog Park to ensure that the Park is restored to the condition it was in prior to the commencement of oil well work. Don’t tell the dogs until the work is finished and inspected, but when you get that leash out of the closet, they will know what you mean anyway.

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