Dear Editor – Parcel B and the Downtown Plan

Dear Editor,

I was one of the 125 people who were involved in a 3-day process in 1991. I was 27 years old at the time. I am now 47.  The process was the 1991 Culver City: Downtown Charette.

On November 9th, 2010 I attended a workshop that was to evaluate redevelopment options for 9300 Culver Boulevard (a surface parking lot commonly referred to as “Parcel B”). The 1991 Charette was what the people wanted! The small group on Nov. 9 had 80 minutes to be told it had to fit in the entitlement envelope on “Parcel B”. It was called “Block C” in 1991. The 1991 Charette document needs to be taken into account and not ignored! If we don’t then we will have a box on the lot. I was at the groundbreaking for the box like building they were going to build. It was not even remotely close to what the 1991 Charette had a vision of. The economy stopped the ugly box from being built across from the classic Culver Studios Mansion.

At the 2010 workshop we were told the council wants to keep with the Development Envelope (box).  We cannot think outside of the box, was the jest of it. They don’t want to change the entitlements because they would have to start from scratch. Can’t do mixed use or they loose the entitlements.

There were 125 people involved in 3 day Charette in 1991.Will the 1991 Charette be used for guidance for RFP? They haven’t looked at the document.

The Charette document stressed low density and protection of view corridors. Mansion [Culver Studios] complimenting architecture. Potential for multi-family residential development, including units oriented to seniors! Limited amount of low-density office. More on the scale of the Mansion.

The City is worried about sewer usage if 9300 is developed into mixed-use? Worried about emergency services? I pointed out at an open RDA meeting about the sewer use at 4043 Irving Place. The City negated it. Why not worried about this with 28 apartments and 1 office at 4043 Irving Place but worried about 9300 Culver? The City appears to pick and chose what is needed to fit what the City wants outcome to be and negates everything else.

How about Affordable Housing, Workforce Housing or Senior Housing above Retail for Parcel B?

4043 Irving Place will be all rentals. Twelve Residential Rental units will subsidized by the Redevelopment Agency, at $500,000 per unit to build.

The Redevelopment Agency has millions of dollars in Set Aside Funds, which needs to be used! Why not at 9300 Culver Blvd (Parcel B / Block C)?

Cary Anderson

The Actors' Gang

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