Booster Club Bowling Raises Skills, Scores and Money

Culver City Police Chief Don Pedersen had the magic touch Saturday night as his teams finished first and second in the 15-team CCHS Booster Club Bowling Tournament Saturday night at Gardena Bowl.

Bowling with the CCHS Maintenance, Operations and Transportation team, Chief Pedersen’s 116 game, along with Vice Mayor Mehaul O’Leary’s 103 effort, helped Kevin Tucker, Alison, and Robert Gray to victory in the second annual event.

Chief Pedersen also bowled with second place finisher Team ADP, contributing a 131 game. New Council member Jeff Cooper added a 188 score, and Team ADP ran away from third place finisher Team Lewe.

Council member Scott Malsin led the special guests with games of 160 and 145, besting fellow council members Cooper (103-188), Andy Weissman (125-147) and O’Leary (103-140). Pedersen (116-131) won the battle of the Chiefs, nipping newly named Fire Chief Chris Sellers (113-117).

Alan Corlin was by far the best bowling former Mayor (117-138), defeating both Steve Gourley (110-103) and the very much improved and remarkably consistent Steve Rose (103-103).

Jerry Chabola led the school based special guests, with scores of 173-116), beating newly elected Board of Education member Kathy Paspalis (111-110), new CCUSD Director of Human Resources Leslie Lockhard (98-103) and Assistant Principal Ian Drummond (scores not printed for fear of embarrassing Mr. Drummond). Mike “Mr. Culver City” Cohen served both as master of ceremonies and bowler, notching scores of 115-135. Board of Education Vice President Scott Zeidman also competed.

The bowling event raised over $2,000.00. The Culver City High School Booster Club, a 501c3 charitable organization, helps to support student clubs, organizations, athletic teams and other extra curricular activities of Culver City High School through financial support and volunteerism. You can email the Booster Club at [email protected].

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