8th Grade Interviews on June 7 – Volunteers Needed

Starting on Monday June 7, CCMS Eighth Graders will be display their readiness for high school by staging mock-interviews in front of volunteers from the faculty and extended community of advocates. (Extended community- That’s you.) This process is designed to highlight student achievement in middle school and to help our children articulate goals for high school and beyond.

If middle school is the last practice before the game, as the scoreboard is soon to be turned on, this process symbolizes their final preparation. Our students will showcase their work portfolios. They will demonstrate their interview skills by answering your tough questions. Their reflections of middle school will be part of the answers, and  hopefully, they will pronounce their readiness for high school.
We are asking for volunteers to gauge their readiness. If you would like to help us with this fun and creative educational experiment.  This coming Monday June 7th from 2:45-4:45,Tuesday June 8th from 2:45-4:45 and Wednesday June 9th from 2:45-4:45.

We are scheduling volunteers in 30 minute blocks (2:45-3:15, 3:15-3:45, 3:45-4:15, and 4:15-4:45). Your help would be appreciated.
We will have a grading rubric and name card ready for all volunteers.

Please contact the Social Sciences department, if you can volunteer, at [email protected].

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