Dear Editor – Karlo Likes Meghan

Our community is currently at a crossroads: do we want to maintain our small town feel and quality of life or do we want to see overdevelopment and massive budget cuts permanently change our city? With that question in mind, I am voting for Meghan Sahli-Wells on Tuesday.
Meghan has proven through her extensive involvement in founding two neighborhood organizations and working on the city’s redevelopment committee that she will put our voices first when considering potential new developments. Recently, we have seen the council approve the 190 foot tall Entrada project and install massive advertising signs at the Westfield Mall. We need a council that understands the impact that overdevelopment will have on our traffic, air quality, safety, and neighborhoods. We need Meghan to hear our voices, include us in the process, and refuse to sell away Culver City.
With continuing budget cuts on the horizon, we need a council member who shares our values and will prioritize cuts with those values in mind. Based on Meghan’s involvement as vice-chair of the bicycle and pedestrian committee and as an active parent in our schools, I know that Meghan will put our youth and their safety first, as she has in the past. She has advised the school board on ways to save money with energy conservation, she has thought of creative ways to work jointly between the city and school district to eliminate waste, and she has prioritized creating safe routes to school.
The next few years are going to be tough for our city, necessitating the election of the most creative, forward-thinking elected official with the track record of already protecting our Culver City community. As a member of our school board, it will be my great pleasure to call Meghan Sahli-Wells a colleague.

Karlo Silbiger
Culver City School Board Member

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