Dear Editor- Reasons to Like Cooper and Malsin

Dear Editor,

Now that we are entering our 10th year as Culver City residents, we have had the amazing opportunity to enjoy Culver City’s way of life. We’ve seen the city develop and change right before our eyes, and we’ve had the opportunity to participate in helping our community grow in a way that we feel is responsible to its residents by volunteering at our schools, in our parks, and speaking out at our city council and school board meetings.

Through this involvement, we’ve had the unique experience of meeting and working with several of our city leaders. Two of those individuals are Scott Malsin and Jeff Cooper. We are energetically supporting both of these gentlemen in their separate campaigns for city council. While each of them have their own individual strengths, both of them have a long history of commitment to service of Culver City. Jeff, through his passion for Culver City’s parks, played an important role in bringing us The Boneyard dog park, and also took a stand in conserving green space in the city by lobbying for the skate park to be moved to its current location. And speaking as parents, we know that Jeff always has families in mind when issues are placed before him. It is also important for someone who aspires to be a council member to have some history as a leader, and Jeff is overflowing with credentials as a past President of the Culver City Exchange Club, a Founder of the El Rincon Booster Club, and a past Chairperson of the Culver City Parks, Recreation and Community Services Commission.

Scott already has a proven track record as a Culver City Planning Commissioner, City Council Member and former Mayor. He has represented Culver City well in fighting against a ground-level rail station in negotiations with the MTA. You can currently see an aerial station being built at Washington and National Boulevards. He organized the Culver West Neighborhood Association, helping bring much needed improvements to Culver West Alexander Park, and helped initiate improvements to Veteran’s Park playground by keeping his ears open to grant opportunities and listening to the needs and desires of the community. He has also advocated for the community-smart open space ordinance and “green building” regulations.

While knowing that Culver City’s residents have high expectations in their city’s services, both of these men are also keenly aware that good services such as police, fire, the arts, and our schools require funding. We feel confident that Jeff and Scott not only know how to make our city government run more efficiently, but they also understand that we need to be innovative in our approach towards bringing in new tax revenue.

It is because of all of these attributes and more that we strongly support Jeff Cooper and Scott Malsin, and hope that every Culver City resident that we know join us in supporting them, too.

Dan & Beverly O’Brien

The Actors' Gang

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