Zirgulis to Take Red Light Protest to Sacramento

Robert Zirgulis candidate for Culver City Council, plans to take his protest against red light camera tickets to Sacramento this week.

“I will be demonstrating against red light camera tickets in Sacramento and plan on visiting all the California senators of the Transportation Committee on March 18 to persuade them to vote against legislative bill SB 949,” stated Zirgulis.

“There are provisions in the state law that allow municipalities to enforce minor traffic violations or infractions, such as rolling through a red light, committed within city limits.” Zirgulis claims.

“For example, Roseville City, a suburb of Sacramento is issuing city tickets or administrative citations and collecting the fines. That means the state doesn’t get its $300 cut from a red light camera ticket fine and the driver gets a financial break,” explains Zirgulis.

The Culver City council is looking into the possibility of implementing a similar plan after Mr. Zirgulis suggested it at the city council meeting two weeks ago.
State Senator Oropeza of Long Beach has introduced SB 949 designed to prevent municipalities from circumventing the $500 red light traffic fines.

“I want to show the people of Culver City that I’m willing to go to Sacramento to fight for their interests against the red light camera. I will be just as zealous for any other issues that concern our city,” said Zirgulis

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