News as it Happens…

At 4:45 pm on Saturday Feb. 20, I was sitting in my study wondering what the hell-icopter noise was all about, and a glace out my windows showed that there were several police cars lined on the other side of the creek. People sometimes think of the creek as a good place to hide, but in most instances, they have just seen too many bad movies. A call to the Culver City poice Department informed me that there were two suspects, one of them armed, now under arrest by the CCPD, waiting to be turned over to the LAPD. What these suspects were suspected of can’t be confirmed yet, but anyone in Ballona Creek with a gun is bad news, and needs to be picked up.
A moment after I hang up the phone, the choppers are gone and all is quiet.
News as it happens. Today, It happens to be in Sunkist Park.

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