Mountain Lion Seen at Bill Botts Field

Think we have some cool cats in Culver City ? There has been a mountain lion spotted on the hillside behind Field 1. at Bill Botts Field. Animal control has been notified, however the animal is still on the loose. Everyone should exercise extreme caution before taking a hike through the adjoining hillside and not allow their children nor pets to wander too far ahead. Mountain lions are native to this region and are most active between dusk and dawn. Adult lions are usually wary of people and try to avoid contact.

In the rare case of encountering a Mountain Lion one should:

* Face the Lion and back away slowly
* Be large and shout
* Keep children close & pickup children without bending
* If attacked, fight back!

While we are NOT trying to induce panic, we DO want you to be safe and prepared. Please report any sightings to CCPD at 310-837-1221.

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