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Willows Student Project Supports “Backpacks” with CCUSD

8acc4653-b7f0-4ff4-8bf5-2391c89060f1Taking a page from Culver City Superintendent Dave LaRose’s book, the idea that ‘All means all’ connected students from The Willows Community School and the CCUSD Backpacks for Kids program.  The Willows Upper Elementary (third, fourth and fifth grade) students collected food, and on May 31 they delivered the goods as part of their community service learning project.

Susan Sleeper, spokesperson for the school noted that       ” ‘Community’ is an intentional part of our name, and community service is an integral part of our educational program. The Willows’ service learning program is designed to provide age-appropriate community service opportunities that will enrich learning, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen community ties.”

The food that was delivered and sorted with the Culver City Middle School volunteer program, represented for the day by two of the Backpack Program’s stalwart volunteers, Bob and Jamie Wallace. The food collected at The Willows will be distributed by the organization into the students’ backpacks for them to take home to their families. This program was designed to make sure that children have food to help them focus, learn, and concentrate to the best of their ability. When students qualify for a free school lunch, they also qualify for a backpack of food to take home over the weekend. More than a hundred struggling families are being helped through this program, and dozens of volunteers make it happen every week.

Sleep also felt that “This backpack program was especially meaningful since it helped our children help other children in our local community.”

You don’t have to be a student to help; contributions for “Backpacks” can be made at

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