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Archive for January 16th, 2012

Cultural Affairs Town Hall – Art is Not a Luxury

Cultural Affairs Town Hall – Art is Not a Luxury

"The only way to survive a crisis is to expand." When the leader of the Actors Gang, the notable Tim Robbins, stood at the podium at the Mike Balkman Council Chambers on Jan. 10 to address the Culver City Cultural Affairs Commission, he spoke from recent experience. The Actors Gang was one of a dozen organizations to speak to the "Town Hall" meeting, and each organization offered their list of [...]

Transition to Host Work Party for Rain Garden

Transition to Host Work Party for Rain Garden

   Rain gardens provide no-cost irrigation to the homeowner while helping­ r­eplenish our local aquifer. You can learn on-the-job how to install a simple ­passive, hidden "reservoir" for rain water collection to transform a patch of residential dirt yard into a ­garden of edible California native currants & gooseberries. Come join two local Transition groups and friends for this [...]

Curren Price Updates High Speed Rail and Small Business

Curren Price Updates High Speed Rail and Small Business

“Small businesses really remain the economic engine of our state,” explained Senator Curren Price. “But we must ensure opportunities for these businesses as well as communities in California that need a voice the most. It is critical that the High Speed Rail Authority make the right decisions to ensure fair representation by California small and disadvantaged businesses on this major [...]

New Venue for Fiesta La Ballona Meeting – Jan. 17

New Venue for Fiesta La Ballona Meeting – Jan. 17

While the Veterans Memorial Building is closed for renovation the next three months, look for the Feista La Ballona Committee across the street at the Senior Center, according to Parks and Rec Dept. Liaison Dan Jassim. Committees this Tuesday will discuss their plans and seek the counsel of the entire group. These committees will report: Budget, Entertainment, Vendors/Booths, [...]

Surprising Garden at La Ballona Elementary

Surprising Garden at La Ballona Elementary

La Ballona students and faculty had quite a nice surprise when they returned to school on Monday, January 9 after a two-week winter break. Some pretty wonderful volunteers had put in the garden that was needed for the students to jump in with Growing Great. Now, it's five out of five; all the CCUSD grade schools are fully equipped for the project. The Growing Great program has been growing in [...]