Surprising Garden at La Ballona Elementary

La Ballona students and faculty had quite a nice surprise when they returned to school on Monday, January 9 after a two-week winter break. Some pretty wonderful volunteers had put in the garden that was needed for the students to jump in with Growing Great. Now, it’s five out of five; all the CCUSD grade schools are fully equipped for the project.

The Growing Great program has been growing in the schools for three years now. It’s a nonprofit school garden and nutrition education organization dedicated to inspiring children and adults to adopt healthy eating habits. The goal is to help children and families understand where our food comes from, appreciate that food serves a purpose in our overall health and has an impact on our longevity and well-being.

Inspiring kids (and perhaps even their parents to-

  • Eat a wide variety of colorful, whole foods that are close to their original source.
  • Choose higher quality, beneficial foods more often.
  • Select local, seasonal, organic, and/or sustainably farmed foods when possible.
  • Appreciate the impact of food on our overall well-being so that we can think, feel, and perform at our best all day long!

With La Ballona’s Learning Garden officially built all five CCUSD elementary schools have gardens to go along with the GrowingGreat program. Teachers, parents and community volunteers will be active in this project which will increase students’ awareness of agriculture and nutrition.

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