CCUSD School Board Addresses Safety/Security Issues, Announces Partnership with New Earth

At the Culver City Unified School Board meeting on June 28, 2022, there was a comprehensive presentation on Safety and Security. The presentation covered existing practices, lessons learned and learning, and moving forward. This comprehensive school plan is being thoroughly reviewed by staff in preparation for the 2022-2023 school year.

Two notable points about the social-emotional supports available to students in support of a safer school environment:
Tier 1 support is available to all students and provided by on site school counselors
Tier 2 support, which offers a more in-depth level of intervention and support to ensure students’ physical, mental emotional, psychological health in line so in best frame of mind to learn.

As part of this expanded Safety and Security Plan for the incoming year, CCUSD is partnering with New Earth. New Earth is a highly impactful and very well-respected nonprofit organization that focuses on restorative justice practices. New Earth will be available to students who can benefit from Tier 2 level of support. Additionally, the CCUSD partnership with New Earth will create mentorship opportunities, as well as, a focus on relationship building with staff to support student engagement.

Watch the entire presentation here starting at about the 45-minute mark. Go to /



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