Dear Editor – Voting No on the Recall

Why am I voting NO on the Recall to Gov Newsom?

Very simply, your wellbeing & mine depend on keeping Gov Newsom in office. Although he has disappointed me on some issues, Gov Newsom’s deliverables on the whole far outweigh the negatives. Not only do we have a balanced budget, but every demographic from Big Tech to biotech to the homeless and all of us in between are benefitting from his leadership!

How Gavin Newson dealt with and is dealing with the ethics & economics of the pandemic far outweighs everything else. Should a Trump-inspired candidate win it will be game over for our kids and for the vulnerable, as too for our economy and our biosphere! If a Libertarian were to get the Governor’s seat, do you think escalating climate disruption would be a priority?

With ever scarcer clean water, breathable air, and growing drought-ridden arable land and forests, this is not the time to pursue personal grievances or be apathetic about getting out to vote. On the whole Gavin Newsom has proven himself. He has and is showing up to deal with the major crises. Common sense demands we support the Governor with a NO recall vote marked on your ballot. Then we can demand even better of him – whether with housing, fracking, etc.

Know that the recall ballot is vengefully skewed to throw this recall election to Trumpian extremists. It was set up so that for Newsom to complete his term, he must get 50+% of the ballots marked NO recall. Unless he does, whomever of the 46 other candidates gets the most votes, even if only 18%, will become our Governor.

Newsom is not perfect. But whom among those competing for his seat has a proven statewide track record ??? Nada. Gov. Newsom is the only one with a track record of deliverables benefitting all of California’s demographics.

At this critical time for all who live & breathe on this planet, I do NOT want to put my future in the hands of a multimillionaire businessman, or a stockbroker, a tech exec, or the retired erotic billboard star competing for his seat. I do not want any of Newsom’s competitors who promote more offshore drilling and fracking, who want to take away women’s rights, who believe the minimum wage should be $0.00.

To assure that Newsom does not lose the governorship to Trumpian interests we must vote NO on the recall. We can then assure he leads in promoting the greater good of our environment, that he continues to provide for the economic strength and social goods we all demand, such as addressing homelessness by providing truly affordable housing without wreaking havoc on the environment, etc.

This is why I urge you to join me in voting NO on the recall ballot. And instead of wasting time trying to vet & vote on the others, use that time to reach out to friends & neighbors to join us in voting NO on the recall. Our future depends on it!

Dr Suzanne De Benedittis

The Actors' Gang

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